Hire a Business Consultant Who Can Bring Predicted Results for Your Business

A business consultant can transform your vague ideas into a successful business.
I’m Dr. Manas Khatri, a business consultant from India. I run several businesses successfully in the arena of advertising, marketing, IT, and digital marketing & training.
Being the founder and CEO of NADM (National Academy of Digital Marketing) and Digital Jugglers, I’ve developed an insight on how to run a business successfully. With my extensive experience and expertise in the IT and digital marketing industry, I help people on how to start a business from scratch.
I’m also the Managing Director at Crazybrand Bazaar Private Limited. Being the best business coach in India, my duty is to help people, startups and established companies in achieving their business goals.
Whether you are stuck with a business idea or need help regarding how to elevate your business, my business consulting services can boost ROI of your business!

Dr. Manas Khatri

CEO & Founder


What Services we Provide for Our Customers

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Our Expertise

Why Hire Me ?

As a Business Consultant, a person with extraordinary expertise guides your business to achieve unparalleled success, highest standards and precise matches. There is a strong need to avail business consultant services of an experienced Business Consultant to

Identify Business Problems

Get Outside Market Knowledge

Bring Life To An Idea

Plan For The Future

Become Result Oriented

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Business consultation equips an individual or group in transforming their ideas into a successful business by providing ample services.

Business consultant helps the business in coping up with the dynamic business environment they take the business to next level. A business consultancy service brings efficiency in the business and helps in planning, financing and marketing.

Dr. Manas Khatri is specialized in marketing, advertising, information technology, and training.

Dr. Manas khatri help his client in multiple ways. His clients get the vision to establish their business and as today’s business environment is dynamic timely changes are required for long term business success. Proper assistance and consultation is provided from his end as he considers his customer as king.

Working Proccess

Steps of Consultation

Dr. Manas khatri strive to give best to his clients and he is very much particular about this, he provides both online and offline consultation and his way of doing work reflects that he is the best business management consultant in India.

Dr. Manas understand the requirements and needs of his client.

Proper research and analysis is performed.

Effective problem solving is carried out.


Due emphasis on feedback and implementation is given.


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Pricing Plan

Offering Our Best Plan For Your
Business Purpose

Basic Plan

$100 @45Min

Language: Hindi / English

Standard Plan

$125 @60Min

Language: Hindi / English

Advanced Plan

$100 @45Min

Language: Hindi / English

Basic Plan

$100 @45Min/ Month
  • Upto 7 Questions
  • Includes Business Report
  • 30 Days Implementation Support

Language: Hindi / English


Standard Plan

$125 @60Min/ Month
$60/ Year
  • Upto 7 Questions
  • Includes Business Report
  • Includes Business Plan Writing
  • 30 Days Implementation Support

Language: Hindi / English


Premium Plan

$49/ Month
$60/ Year
  • 40GB Emaining essentially
  • Letraset sheets containing
  • The industry's standard
  • Essentially unchanged
  • Modern Technology

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