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Dr. Manas Khatri is a Serial Entrepreneur & Business Coach who has founded multiple successful businesses in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Information Technology and Training. He is the founder and CEO of Digital Jugglers and NADM (National Academy of Digital Marketing). He also holds the position of Managing Director in Crazybrand Bazaar Private Limited. He has a deep understanding of what takes for a business to improve its efficiency and profitability. His expertise in IT and Marketing has allowed him to assist variety of companies increase their revenue by tremendous amounts. Apart from that, he has worked with multiple Startups, offering them Business Consultation Services.

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What is Business Consultation?

People often have great ideas for their businesses but they lack the vision to transform their ideas into the reality or several times businesses fail to run their businesses efficiently, this is where the business consultation comes into picture. It helps you to make your dream of your own business come true and take it to the height.

We examine your business ideas thoroughly and guide you accordingly and for that purpose, we provide the following solutions to you:

  • Strategic Consultation
  • Operations Consultation
  • IT/Software Consultation
  • Marketing/Sales Consultation
  • Branding Consultation
  • HR Consultation
  • PR Consultation
  • Financial Consultation
  • Startup Consultation

Our Services

Operations Consultation

With the increasing advancement, business functions are becoming more and more complex. Businesses have to perform a number of operations, have multiple departments and teams which all require a well suited infrastructure for the growth and consistency of your business.

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Marketing/Sales Consultation

A business essentially needs to market its product for its existence which is done through marketing and sales. First, let’s discuss the difference between marketing and sales.

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IT/Software Consultation

Big businesses have multiple departments, multiple branches in single city or multiple cities with every branch consisting of multiple departments, these all working for the same business.

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Strategic Consultation

For any goal to be accomplished, it is important to have a proper strategy without which the work would be directionless and so we are here to provide you the best strategic Consultation in Lucknow.

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Branding Consultation

A brand is something that a business needs to keep its foot in the market and it stays with the business for its lifetime. And so we are here to provide you the best randing Consultancy in Lucknow to help you develop and grow your brand.

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HR Consultation

HR field is concerned with dealing with your employees with the best possible approach, so that they remain happy and your business get the most out of them. Dealing with your employees or say with your human resource is very crucial to your business as without them, your business can’t function.

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PR Consultation

At times, people setup their businesses but fail to reach to their audiences, right there PR consultation helps you to connect you to the target audience. It helps you to create a good image of you and your business along with establishing and maintaining strong

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Financial Consultation

A business without money or finance can’t be imagined. It’s is like oxygen for the business. So, for this vital element of your business, our team is here to provide you the best Financial Consultation in Lucknow.

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Startup Consultation

Often people have ideas to start their business , but they lack the vision to convert their ideas into reality and if you are one among them and looking for some help then you have landed at the right place at the right time.

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Year Experience

Mission and Vision of his Life

Manas Khatri is not just a lucrative dreamer, instead, he also aims of providing support to the start-ups with the right strategy, implementation step tools and tactics so as to help the start-ups to grow beyond the ceiling.

Born to be a Boss

The techie never ever gave single interview in his entire life because he wanted to be a boss of his own, a job giver in the world full of job seekers.

Inclination towards Reading

Robert T Kiyosaki, Shiv Khera, Brain Tracy are some of authors who have always been close to the book enthusiast’s heart.

Fascinated by Technology

Manas Khatri is fascinated towards technology since his very childhood. In his 9th standard, he took his first project of website development which was paid.

Top Inspirations

There have always been some people who have awe-inspired the CEO coach who is thankful to them for their contributions to the world and to his life. His list of inspirations include Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg and few more.

startup consultant in lucknow

Why Business Consultation?

Business Consultation, in today’s highly dynamic and competitive world has become the need of the hour, which is why we are here to provide you the best business consultation in Lucknow. Business consultation is needed because

  • • It bridges the gap between your ideas and the physical existence of your business.100
  • • It takes your business to the next level.100
  • • It helps you manage your business more efficiently.100
  • • It helps you plan out the layout of your business.100
  • • It helps you to sell your product in the market.100
  • • It helps you in raising fund for your business.100
  • • It helps you to maintain your business’ image in the market.100

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