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An Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and A Much Sought-After Speaker.

Dr. Manas Khatri is a renowned entrepreneur, business coach & consultant in India. Having learnt practical aspects of digital marketing by running a YouTube channel and blog, he founded Digital Jugglers in 2016, a leading digital marketing company in Lucknow.
Apart from establishing Digital Jugglers as the best digital marketing agency in Lucknow, he has also established a digital marketing institute & training centre in Lucknow called NADM (National Academy of Digital Marketing). The main objective behind setting up NADM is to help young students to grab practical knowledge about digital marketing so that they can end up with high-paying digital marketing jobs.
CrazyBrand Bazaar Private Limited is another big brand where Dr. Manas Khatri works as a Managing Director. Since Dr. Manas Khatri is a serial entrepreneur, he knows how to help entrepreneurs to transform their vague business ideas into a mesmerising reality. That’s why Dr. Manas Khatri is considered among the top business consultants in India.
Dr. Manas Khatri, a trusted business consultant in India, has thorough knowledge, experience, skill sets, and expertise in information technology, online advertising and marketing. That’s why he knows how to help businesses grow faster than ever before. He helps novice as well as experienced entrepreneurs finding their business problems, how to resolve those issues and how to grow a business to achieve predicted results within a short span of time.
His business consultation services in India help companies to achieve desired ROI with the help of innovative internet marketing and advertising strategies. Having spent 5 years in digital marketing, he has helped more than 350 clients (throughout India and overseas) achieving their business goals.
Apart from being the founder and CEO of Digital Jugglers, the best digital marketing company in India, Manas is also a creative thinker, poet, author, motivational speaker, and social worker. His literary-work has been published in various top newspapers and magazines. He also participates in Kavi Sammelan to recite his Hindi poetry. With the help of his NGO called Samvedna, Dr. Manas, a business consultant in India, helps needy people.

Who Is Dr. Manas Khatri?

Dr. Manas Khatri is a 29-year old business consultant and coach from India. He helps would-be as well as established entrepreneurs to detect their business problems, creating effective business strategies and how to achieve desired results with least efforts.
Dr. Manas Khatri was born on 21 December 1992 in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. His mother Nisha Khatri is a housewife while his father Rajesh Kumar Khatri is a retired government employee. Tushar Khatri is his elder brother who is working at TCS in the USA.
Having completed his schooling from prestigious JBA, Faizabad, Manas got his BCA and MCA degrees from Lucknow. Dr. Manas Khatri, a business consultant in Lucknow, has also been awarded with an honorary PhD in Computer Science. He also got his two research papers published in renowned journals.
Since Manas was always passionate about innovative technology in vogue, computer and science, he started a YouTube channel and blog when he was studying in class 9. With the help of his channel on YouTube and blog, Manas started earning money online. It was the first time when Manas came to know that the internet can be used for making money from home.
Having successfully generated passive income sources online through his YouTube channel and blog, Manas unveiled the secrets of internet marketing. Fast forward to 2016 when he established Digital Jugglers, one of the top digital marketing companies in India.

In His Own Words

Where Did I Start

When I was about to complete my MCA, I got an offer from my senior to start a business. It was a great business idea. That’s why we could be able to make our business a success within eight months.

However, things didn’t work as we had planned. So, we had to shut down our business due to personal issues. It was my first experience with creating a business out of a vague idea. It gave me both positive and negative feelings as it was a successful business but we had to shut it down.
Despite facing negative results, I didn’t stop there. I kept researching new business ideas. Later I got inspiration from the Digital India Campaign, introduced by our honourable PM, to start a business. Finally, I came with a company now known as Crazybrand Bazaar Private Limited. I also introduced Digital Jugglers, a digital marketing company in Lucknow, to help businesses, companies and individuals leveraging the benefits of digital marketing.

Turning Points

During my school days, I heard a lot about making money online, but I had no idea about how to start the same. One day, I got information about how to start a YouTube channel and blog online to make money. Those were the days of Orkut and Yahoo as the social media platform.

Luckily I got great success with my YouTube channel and blog. The best part of starting a blog and YouTube channel was that I could be able to start making money online. It was really a turning point for my life. It changed my thinking process. I started thinking about starting a business online.

My success with a YouTube channel and blog helped me to unveil the secrets of internet marketing. I came to know the secret of making passive income on the internet. Later, I founded a digital marketing company in Lucknow called Digital Jugglers in 2016. I also started a digital marketing training centre in Lucknow, which is now known as NADM (National Academy of Digital Marketing).

In His Own Words

Giving Back

When I started working online, I had no idea about how to start a business online. The key reason behind it was that there was no one to guide me about how I could start a business online. That’s why now I want to help students, professionals and companies to learn how to get desired business results out of digital marketing.
I always believe in sharing my knowledge, experience and expertise with the world. That’s why I came with two options i.e. Digital Jugglers and NADM.
By establishing Digital Jugglers, I want to help companies to grow their business online with the help of innovative digital marketing and advertising strategies. With the help of NADM, I educate and train students about digital marketing so that they can end up with a high-paying digital marketing job in India and abroad.

Now, as a business consultant in India, I help individuals starting a successful business whether online or offline.

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